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Worthing College teams’ triumph at national championships

24 April 2023

Worthing’s Women’s Rugby team struck gold at the AOC National Championships in Nottingham earlier this month.

Now marking its 43rd year, the National Championships are a celebration of competitive sport in colleges, providing recognition, enjoyment and a unique opportunity for students to compete.  

More than 2000 students from across the nation participated in their tournaments which was made up by a total of six regions. 

Despite the tough competition, Worthing College, celebrated a triple win with not only the Women’s Rugby coming on top, but the college’s basketball team placing 7th nationally and an incredible overall win for the entire South East region. 

Mark Rugman, Teacher of Sport at Worthing College, said: “I am so incredibly proud of the rugby girls for bringing home gold but after all their hard training and determination, it is very well deserved. 

“Likewise, it was fantastic to watch our basketball team place 7th against such elite teams. 

“As always, it is an honour to coach such dedicated and talented players here at Worthing.” 

The AOC National Championships gathers a wide range of young athletes to the University of Nottingham each and every year. 

Helena Thomas, Principal at Worthing College, added: “What a huge success for our sporting superstars here at Worthing College. 

“Each and every player gave it their all over the AoC weekend and the results simply speak for themselves.” 

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