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Two Worthing College students came to the rescue of a stranded staff member recently.

When Iona Harte (Physics, Electronics and Engineering Technician) was leaving to go home, she realised she had a flat tyre.

She pulled over and parked up and got the jack, spare wheel, and all the other necessary bits of equipment, out of the car and started to change the wheel.

Then, two lovely students – Zana and Bahrose – appeared from nowhere, taking her tools and changing the wheel for her. They did this in no time at all and kept reiterating that Iona should go straight to the garage and buy a new tyre. The tyre had a huge nail in it and had to be replaced. 

The following day, Iona relayed the story to another member of staff – Chris Stabler – who helped to trace the students.

And last week, we were delighted to present them with some Amazon vouchers as a thank you and Iona was able to express her gratitude to them personally. 

Emma Prince, Head of Learning, said: “These are two amazing students who have come from very challenging circumstances and thought nothing of helping Iona.

“It has been lovely to be able to give them some recognition for their kindness and let them know they made a real difference.”