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Cycle security has been a key topic of conversation at Worthing College with a recent visit from Sussex Police to remind our students and staff of the importance of bike security.

The first of two sessions took place on Wednesday 28 September and it was well attended by students and staff.

Hosted by Sussex Police Community Support Officer, Ed Mitchell, students and staff were able to get their bikes security marked, which is a great deterrent.

Sussex Police also provided some practical tips to help keep your bike safe!

  • Register your bike
    You can register your frame number for free on a cycle databases, which means if your bike is stolen and recovered by the police it can be traced back to you.
    You can usually find the frame number underneath the bike between the pedals or where the back wheel slots in.
  • Security mark your bike
    Security marking your bike is an effective, visible deterrent to thieves. If they are caught with a registered bike, the owner can be traced and they will be arrested. We work with Sussex Police to offer a number of bike marking sessions at the college throughout the year.
  • Double lock your bike
    Using two different locks slows thieves down and makes your bike less of target – and make sure one of those locks is a D-lock!
  • Secure your bike
    Make sure you lock the frame and wheels to a secure cycle stand, securing it as close to the stand as possible.

Check out the Sussex Police website for more top tips:

 We’ll also be welcoming the team back on Thursday 3 November, 1-2.30pm, for our next Cycle Security event.

 Don’t forget – make sure you are also keeping yourself safe!

  • High visibility clothing should be worn especially as the nights are started to get darker.
  • Wear a helmet.
  • Check your bike regularly, focusing on working lights, tyre pressure and general wear & tear.