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Worthing student impresses with poem

19 October 2021

Congratulations to Jeremy Casse, who won Worthing College’s recent student poetry competition.

The competition marked National Poetry Day, with students challenged to put their creative juices to the test and try their hand at writing some verse.

Jeremy’s haunting poem ‘In Between’ was named the winner, with Jeremy receiving a £10 Amazon voucher in recognition of his accomplishment.

He’s a literature lover and is currently working on his own anthology of poems, which he hopes to publish in the future.

In Between by Jeremy Casse

You say you’re not gone,
Yet you’re not really here

You say it’s not goodbye,
Yet a new hello isn’t near

You say we’ll keep talking,
But it’s not quite the same

You say you’ll be back,
Yet that’s too far away

You say you miss me too,
Yet I wonder how much so

You say this isn’t the end,
But how will this all go

You say it’s ok,
Yet I’m still crying

I say I’m ok,
But inside I’m dying

You say you’re not gone,
Yet you’re not really here,
Or there,
Or anywhere

Maybe you are in the in between,
But, can I ask, exactly where?