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Student Executive and Representatives

The Student Executives help run the union

They meet on a weekly basis to discuss student matters, assist the running of trips and events, are the voice of all students and work to improve our college.

Anyone can put themselves forward as a Student Exec, simply sign up at the first student conference.

What do Student Execs give?

Time: Attending weekly Exec meetings, termly Student Committee and Student Conferences.

Opinions: This is not completely personal as you are there to represent the whole college. You will also be required to collect these from other students through surveys etc.

Getting involved: You will constantly be engaging with Worthing SU and Worthing Xtra activities and trips.

What do Student Execs get?

Additional 1:1 meeting to assess personal development and goals every term. 

Free Hoodie: Your way of representing the Student Union and the core student team at events, activities and meetings throughout the year.

New connections are made through the opportunities created by the SU and their current year focus and progression opportunities. 

CV enhancement with skills gained and furthered through this unique voluntary role. 

New skills and training with certificated outcomes.

Every course at Worthing College has a Student Rep

As a Student Rep, you will be ensuring that the views of students are actively considered and acted upon, making a difference to their college experience whilst helping to improve the quality of their education.

It is a great role to take on, helping to ensure that you and the students you study with have the best possible experience while at college.

Student Reps are elected within their class during Week 3 of the academic year.


  • A student rep must be proactive, courteous and constructive in their attitude towards others.
  • To gather feedback from students on the academic and social life at College, be that issues or concerns as well as generating ideas to improve the student experience.
  • To attend SU meetings and put forward the views of the students they represent.
  • To feedback to fellow students the outcome of meetings.
  • To champion the causes that are important to students
  • To liaise with the SU, keeping them informed of relevant issues. Help promote their aims and objectives including the planning and promotion of events.
  • To treat the role responsibly and be prepared to represent the views of others even if they differ from your own.


To be good at this role you will need to demonstrate some of the following skills and experience:

  • Previous experience desirable although not essential, e.g. school council, prefect.
  • Confident communicator.
  • Able to manage your own time.
  • Interested in making a difference.
  • Enjoy problem solving.
  • Able to work collaboratively with others.
  • Experience of a customer service environment, dealing with a people.
  • Keen to develop any or all of the above.


  • Make connections outside of your course group to widen your knowledge of the college as a whole.
  • Developing new skills to enhance your CV and or personal statement.
  • Helping to run the SU, getting involved and supporting events and fundraisers.
  • Developing your soft skills, e.g. Communication, time management, problem solving, planning and team work.
  • Free lunch to say thank you for attending the Student Conference and sharing the student voice.