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TASS Dual Career Programme

About the programme

Following on from the College’s ever triumphant sport academies, the Worthing College Sports Department have developed a unique system to help gifted young athletes, in all sports, reach the top level of performance.
The TASS Dual Career Programme is a talent support programme aimed at supporting gifted sporting students. It incorporates all sports and the aim is to help the talented student manage and balance sporting, personal and academic demands.

The scheme covers a wide range of areas influencing the sports performer, in an attempt to maximise their performance and chance of future success, as well as developing understanding between academics and competition.  TASS is supported by Sport England and Worthing College are the ONLY College in Sussex (only 23 in whole of ENGLAND) to provide this provision.
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TASS Dual Career Programme Workshops

If selected to become a part of the TASS Dual Career Programme at Worthing College you will be given access to the following workshops and support systems;


In conjunction with the Sussex Performance Centre, which is located on the Worthing College site; students will undergo a four stage S&C process, which will be delivered by both Worthing College and SPC staff.  The sessions will include the education in Olympic lifting, activation, mobility and conditioning. Students will be given programmes to follow, which will be provided in an athlete pack.  In the time between the sessions each student will have access to our College Gym Apprentices, so they can continue to practice what they have learned over these workshops.  Staff will also take into account specific NGB S&C programmes and students will be expected to bring these with them for us to look over and support.


Working with the Worthing College catering manager, students will take part in a live practical workshop based upon nutritional advice and ideas on pre and post nutrition. Students will be given the chance to cook up their own meals and will be given resources with a range of ideas to support this important part of their education and development.


Students will undergo an injury prevention workshop based upon strategies on how to stay injury free. This will be delivered by our very own Sports Therapist, who has extensive experience in this field. Students will explore a range of potential injuries and how we can both treat and prevent. This will be something again that students can take forward into their own performances. Templates will be produced and placed into their portfolio.


Sports psychology is a vital part of getting those marginal gains in tight situations.  In these workshops delivered by Worthing College Sport staff, students will be looking into areas such as Personality, Motivation, Arousal and Psychological skills techniques to use and implement within their own sporting performance.  Students will be advised to develop goals in-between these workshops in terms of using a range of pre performance routines and to see if they have been useful in their own sporting and academic performance.


This workshop will be based upon getting the students to understand the importance of effective time management, organisation and the step up from GCSE to FE to HE. In addition, students will be given the opportunity to produce their own performance portfolio, which will include areas such as an employability skills audit, effective CV writing, mock interview techniques and targets to develop their own employability skills. This will be delivered in conjunction with the Worthing College WorkStore as well as College tutors and Sport staff.

What do I need to do next?

Complete the form below and you will be contacted by Worthing College staff to see if your application has been successful or not.