Results Update

19 August 2020


Across Chichester College Group (CCG), we are working hard to provide advice, guidance and support for our prospective and returning students in light of the recent A-level results and pending GCSE results.  

We are delighted that so many of our students achieved well in A-levels, vocational and technical qualifications and on professional courses; it has been a joy to celebrate their successes.    

Update on vocational and technical qualification results 

For students waiting for vocational and technical qualification results, the awarding bodies were due to share these with us last week in line with A-level results day. However, we are still waiting to receive a number of grades from the awarding bodies Pearson and OCR.  Once grades are received, they will be shared with students via MyData at Worthing College.  

For an update on BTEC results (Pearson), please view the following update directly from Pearson.


There is still some uncertainty around grading for vocational and technical qualifications. Last week Ofqual shared that there were fewer adjustments to the centre assessed grades (CAGs) for vocational and technical qualifications because there is more in-course assessment.  They also stated that results are more in line with centre expectations (these are the grades proposed by teachers). However, Ofqual states that it is working with awarding bodies on the small number of qualifications where the statistical standardisation approaches were used.   


We will continue to monitor the information we receive from Ofqual and awarding bodies. 


Update on A-level grading and support 

CCG has welcomed the Government’s decision (announced on Monday 17 August) to uphold Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) for A-level results. 

A-level students will now be given the grades which were estimated by their lecturers – although the small minority of students who received a higher grade than that predicted will be able to keep their grade. 

Based on initial Government guidance, schools and colleges are expected to issue the centre assessed grades to students. Centre Assessed Grades for A-levels have been sent to students at Worthing College.   


These grades were informed using a range of evidence which include: 

  • Work completed in class during the course 

  • Any participation in performances in subjects such as drama and PE 

  • Practical assessments 

  • Any assignment work – whether or not complete  

  • The results of any mock exams 

  • Any other records of student performance over the course of study 


Whilst we welcome the Government decision, it is disappointing that it has taken so long.  For some students this means that it could cost them their first choice university place. 


Across the CCG family, we are doing everything we can to support those impacted and offer advice and guidance to support their chosen progression into higher education, apprenticeship or employment. Students engaging with universities on places should share their CAGs directly with the universities concerned.  


Our Progression Plus teams are available for support and can be contacted by email at: 


For all exam results queries please contact: 

  • For Worthing College, exam results queries for A levels and Advanced Vocational qualification should be emailed to 



Support for prospective students and GCSE results 

Following the Government announcement on Monday 17 August 2020, Chichester College Group will be welcoming prospective students with their centre assessed grades (CAGs) to support their progression onto their chosen college course.  We are expecting awarding bodies to issue GCSE results to schools and colleges on Thursday 20 August, these results will be the centre assessed grades unless the grades calculated by the awarding bodies are higher then these will be awarded.  


Our admissions staff and curriculum teams will be using exam board final grades issued on Thursday 20 August to support progression to college and enrolment to study this year.  


Information and support for current students and GCSE results 

Following the Government announcement on Monday 17 August, students who were studying maths and/or English GCSEs at Worthing College will receive their grades on Thursday 20 August 2020.  


We are expecting awarding bodies to issue GCSE results to the colleges to share with students on Thursday 20 August. These results will be the centre assessed grades unless the grades calculated by the awarding bodies are higher then these will be awarded.  


  • For Worthing College, results will be available via MyData 


How to access support and guidance following GCSE results day 

To provide support and guidance following the publication of GCSE results, our GCSE hotline telephone number is available for students to speak with our Admissions teams and curriculum teams.    


Worthing College – 01903 275755 


Advice and guidance will be provided through the GCSE hotline telephone number, however, students and parents can request a one-to-one on site which we will work with you to facilitate (N.B. this will be based on staff availability).   


Joining instructions for students who have been offered a place to study at Worthing College and Haywards Heath College are in the process of being sent out to students.  This should be complete by Friday 21 August 2020 and will inform students about arrangements for induction and the start of term.  


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