Catering Manager puts the spotlight on World Environment Day!

The objective of World Environment Day is to highlight environmental and conservation issues that affect us all. This year the focus is on a worldwide movement to clean up the planet and beat plastic pollution.

Ron Bell our Catering Manager has implemented several forward thinking ideas to look after and reduce our impact on the environment.

The cooking oil we use is made by Olleco who are dedicated to recovering the value of things that others might consider to be waste. One of their core beliefs is that all waste has a value and Olleco have the experience and know-how to identify what that is.

The cooking oil we have used gets turned into Biodiesal at the U.K's largest purpose built plant. The plant is powered by Anaerobic Digestion which provides enough power to operate and create Biodiesal. Olleco provides 100% resource recovery for the food industry through a virtuous cycle of integrated supply, collection and conversion solutions, delivered to the highest standards.

Our 'Enjoy' coffee cups are manufactured by Huhtamaki who are one of the world's leading paper cup and lid producers. All of the paper cups we use on site are recyclable and are made with 100% PEFC certified paperboard. The PEFC logo is a globally trusted trademark and certifies that the products are from forests that are sustainably managed. Once collected after use our cups are recycled by having the paper fibres extracted and converted into high quality pulp suitable for a variety uses from luxury papers right through to robust packaging materials. Find out more about the recycling process here.

Another way Ron has helped to reduce our environmental impact is with the introduction of a modern dispenser which delivers napkins one at a time. This not only improves hygiene but reduces napkin consumption by at least 25%. Thus reducing the impact on the environment with regards to waste.

Sustainable wooden cutlery has replaced all plastic cutlery within our cafes. This has helped reduce our plastic consumption and our plastic impact on the environment. The biggest advantage of using wooden cutlery is that it is 100% compostable. You can use disposable wooden cutlery as a compostable resource and help the environment.

We also did our bit for the environment during Go Green Week 23rd – 27th April, which was a week dedicated to promoting the increasingly important need to become more environmentally friendly and educate students on the numerous environmental and conservation issues occurring around us. Read more here.

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