Work placement student gets experience outside of classroom

My name is Kai and this is my first experience of work and general life in college.

I am a student from Bohunt School Worthing and I have attended Worthing College to do my Year 10 Work Experience. Work experience for a year 10 can be frightening because it is such a change from school. Some of my friends have gone to vets, gyms and even fire stations to gain knowledge on what life may be like after school.

From this week, I have learnt people should go into a field of work that they enjoy or they will regret it. For me, this would be anything to do with computers, hopefully IT work. It's difficult to tell what you want to do until you experience it, which is why work experience has helped me and others exploring a future in different areas.

I have been working in IT and Marketing at the college which are very different jobs. For example, on my first day in IT I was fitting a solid state drive to a computer, however in marketing I was aiding the set up for intro day which involved checking names have been printed and going around the college for different staff. Personally, this shows I have definitely learnt a lot and it has even helped me gain skills, whilst getting to explore the college and it's facilities.

From the outside college is just another building, but this week I've experienced being on the inside and checking out what it has to offer as both a potential employer and for education. This has definitely helped me with my choices of where I would like to go to college in the future, as well as what I would like to do as a job.

Overall the work experience at Worthing College has improved my confidence as I had to speak to various staff members, improved my independence as I was trusted to do jobs without the need of constant supervision and finally has given me an insight of working at a school/college.

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