STEM students take the 'Worthing Wasp' to Goodwood!

On Sunday 10th June eight of our STEM students visited Goodwood to test the Greenpower project car that they have been working on. The car has been called the 'Worthing Wasp' and they couldn't wait to test it on the famous race track.

Greenpower Team from left to right - Masaeel Obeid, Jamie Price, Bryn Gough, Josh Corin, Ed Anderson, Alex Hughes, Amy Ryder-Lee and Ted Pazon.

The car initially failed the scrutineering checks due to a fault with the braking system, but some ingenious and very effective improvisations with cable ties meant the 'Worthing Wasp' passed second time around. This meant that Ted Pazon, dressed in his 007 attire instead of a racing suit and was able to take the car for a successful test lap.

The F24+ race itself involved many customised cars that had been remodelled over several years of entries, so our team were delighted that their first ever entry with the 'Worthing Wasp' completed every lap of the circuit.

The team decided to flag down the Wasp for some emergency work in the pit as they noticed, during one lap, that the brake was permanently applied! Eventually they finished within the 75th percentile with an average lap speed of 18.5 mph. They had a fantastic day and came 18th out of 26 with Jaguar Landrover apprentices team taking first place.

It was an excellent fact finding day for the students who are now raring to go to implement some improvements that they will test on the Top Gear Dunsfold race track in September.

Amy Ryder-Lee our marketing intern interviewed some of the students at event.

How have you found the project?

“It was very interesting looking at the cars performance. I enjoyed developing and improving the car as we went along.”- Alex Hughes

“I learnt about how engineering is used in the real world first-hand”- Amy Ryder-Lee

“It was great fun, I enjoyed building and developing the car” - Jamie Price

What have you learnt?

“How to troubleshoot, come up with a design solution and implement the solution”- Alex Hughes

“Why’s it takes to build a car and to work as a team”- Jamie Price

“I learnt what different tools are used for”- Amy Ryder-Lee

Did you enjoy it?

“Yes I would do it again”- Jamie Price

“Yes I enjoyed building the car and being part of a team”- Alex Hughes

“Yes, I perticularly enjoyed riding the car and passing other participants”- Amy Ryder-Lee

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