Getting my work published! Author Coral McCullough

My name is Coral and I previously went to Durrington High School and finished with 4 GCSEs. After I got my results, I applied for two courses at Worthing College, Travel and Tourism BTEC which is equivalent to two A levels and Criminology WJEC. I chose Travel and Tourism as I have always been interested in travelling and the different types of culture around the world. I had applied for Criminology because I find looking further into crime and why criminals commit crimes interesting. However, I struggled with my exams and didn’t pass so I couldn’t continue for another year so when I re-enrolled, I applied for a similar social science course with a public services angle which I have really enjoyed.

Both Travel and Tourism and Public Services are coursework based which is what I prefer. Travel and Tourism is course that looks into tour operators who provide holidays to the public, famous attractions and how they are suitable for different kinds of visitors and lots more. It also involves independent research projects which I have found is something that interests me. Public Services is a course that looks more into uniformed jobs such as policing, the NHS, army, fire department and the Government. You look into different leadership styles within the police or the army, the processes of voting and how it takes place and lots more.

I enjoy Travel and Tourism as I like learning about the different factors which the course involves such as the different roles and responsibilities within jobs in the Travel and Tourism industry. The course looks into a wide range of factors and has given me the opportunity to learn about different companies in the travel industry.

Public Services on the other hand is a very different type of course as it gives you the opportunity to learn more about uniformed jobs such as the police, army etc. and it’s given me a real insight into the different sectors in public service including the Government and its responsibilities.

As enjoyable as I find my courses, I do sometimes find elements of the coursework challenging. Both these courses involve a lot of writing and sometimes I struggle with starting the tasks and also sometimes struggle with the style of writing that is required for level 3 courses as each task is different.

My teachers and tutors are there to support me when I do find things challenging as they will always try and help you find a solution.

After I have completed both my courses, I am hoping to get a full-time job in the industry of either course but I am very undecided at this point!

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