Get ready for exams with these revision tips & tricks

It’s that time of year when students across the country start to panic about the looming exam season ahead. But you don’t have to worry or stress, there are plenty of easy tips and tricks that can help with revision and reduce the stress of this most dreaded time of the year.

#1 – Pomodoro Technique

It’s best to spend time breaking up your revision sessions into manageable bite-size pieces.The Pomodoro Technique is a great time management method that splits work or revision into 25 minute intervals with short breaks in between.

  1. Picking out a small section of a topic that you want to revise.

  2. Set a 25-minute timer and work through until the buzzer sounds!

  3. Stop right away, have a short 5 min break before restarting the clock and starting again.

  4. Repeat this for the time you have put aside, remembering to take longer breaks to refuel.

#2 – Avoiding Distractions

Revision is much harder when you’re distracted, so it’s important to minimize distractions as much as possible. These are some common distractions and how to avoid them. It’s essential to have a clean, tidy and organised workspace, but don’t leave tidying up till you want to start revising (that’s a classic way to procrastinate).

  • Limit distractions around you by turning off your mobile (yes off, not just on silent), TV and music and create a calm and focused environment. You don’t want your revision fighting to get in!

  • It’s important to make sure you’re not disturbed by other people! So let anyone, who might be around or enter your workspace, know about your revision plan. This helps avoid unnecessary walk-ins or noise near your revision space!

  • Why are you always most hungry when you revise? Who knows, just make sure you have plenty of water and healthy snacks to avoid hunger and thirst. Avoid sugar and caffeine as they just make you crash!

  • Location, Location, Location isn’t just day time TV for your Nan, It can make revision so much better (not the TV Show). Surround yourself with natural or warm light so that you don’t get tired, avoid noisy or busy areas and make sure you’re not too hot or cold (think Goldilocks).

#3 – Silly Sticks!

Still finding it hard to get those key facts to stick in your mind? Well, how about some unorthodox but proven methods for revision! These may seem strange, but if it works? Who's to judge.

  • Try recording yourself talking through your notes, then you can listen back over them on your journey to school, when exercising or tidying your room. They might not be Spotify’s top 50, but it will be like your own revision podcast!

  • As sceptical as you might be there is nothing fishy about this! Wear a particular deodorant, perfume/aftershave when studying a topic/subject then when its exam time put it on, your brain will have made a link! It also works for taste!

  • Use different accents or voices when reading facts aloud! Similar to smells and tastes your brain will link back when you remember the accent or voice. The sillier the better! (Insert Kermit voice here).

  • Making notes? Try mixing up the format! Why not make videos, write news articles or even create comic strips! They might just stick in your mind better! (just don’t waste too much time making them look perfect)

  • Find a friend who isn’t doing the same subject or someone who knows nothing about the topic, and present the facts to them! Teaching others what you know will help you realise how much you know yourself! (#confidenceboost)

#4 – Believe in yourself!

Cliché we know, but a little confidence will get you a long way. Believe in your preparation, get in the exam, and smash it!

#5 – Still Want More?

Still looking for more tips, and tricks? Well, our Skills for Successful Study Programme 3 covers everything exams! From revision and on the day performance, to stress management! Everything you need to boss the next few weeks of exams! Click HERE for more information.

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