Creative Arts students showcase their artwork for WAOH 2019!

Each year the Summer Exhibition is a highlight in the college calendar, where our Visual Arts students and staff get to showcase their incredible work and be a part of the annual Worthing Artists Open Houses! Our Visual Arts and Media students and staff always put on an incredible exhibition and this year is no different.

Those that attended the private view on Thursday 13th June experienced the energetic, creative atmosphere of the college and viewed a diverse range of art all in one place. All second year Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textiles, Photography and many Film and Media students exhibited their work in this year’s exhibition. Teachers, technicians, staff members and guest artists also showed a range of Photography, Painting, Printmaking, Textiles, and Mixed Media works.

We have received many compliments about the high quality and diverse range of artwork displayed, and this is all credited to the hard work of our students and staff. A HUGE well-done all round.

Each year we also hold the annual Academy of Arts Awards, Thursday 13th June combined the private view and awards ceremony which was a huge success.

See the list below for the Visual Arts and Media Awards and Winners:

L2 BTEC Art and Design - Joseph Forrest - Joseph is very enthusiastic, with an obvious passion and enjoyment for their Art and Design work. He is the personification of positivity, completely dependable, working hard consistently. He seems to love working and will ask for more! Joseph is fearless in his approach, seemingly holding no self –doubt, and confident experimenting with various creative processes. An ideal BTEC Level 2 Art and Design student.

A1 Fine Art - Megan Freestone-Fryett - Megan is thoughtful and very hardworking, she is focused and passionate about producing her artwork. Her emphasis upon exploring cultural reference material in her exam component, shows profound and refined research study skills. Continuously acting upon advice and feedback, from her teacher.

A1 Graphic Communication - Jimi Taylor - Jimi is so positive and cheerful. He has explored all aspects of Graphic Communication with creativity and consideration, making really good aesthetic decisions. With infectious enthusiasm, Jimi has also helped other students and generated productive in class conversations.

A1 Photography - Georgia Dennett - Georgia is consistently focused and hardworking in everything she does. She never settles for good and keep experimenting and pushing her ideas right up to the last moment. Georgia embodies the independent learner and are an ideal student. Her photography is excellent

A1 Textile Design - Holly Davis - Holly loves writing, but has not neglected the practical aspects of the course. Her sketchbooks explode with drawings and evidence of exploring practical techniques. She is naturally ambitious and good at problem solving when developing her outcomes, and she has learnt not to be too ambitious

A1 Media Studies - Daisy McCartney - Daisy is reliable, conscientious and organised. Independent work is completed on time every week and to a very high quality. She is willing to contribute to classroom discussions and has been known to help out students who require support. Thank you for your hard work this year.

A1 Film Studies - Georgia Newman - Georgia writes really well, combining reflective and analytical thinking to create fascinating essays. Her work is often shown as exemplar work to other students! She is also a very creative filmmaker. Always positive, always hardworking. Well done!

Cam tech Digital Media - Charlie Knibb - Charlie has consistently produced excellent work throughout this year, both in exam and coursework units. Influenced by the neo-noir science fiction films Blade Runner and Dark City, their short film, entitled Waiting, is ambitious and thought-provoking. A model Digital Media student, for sure.

Digital Media Extended Cert. - Frazer Earl - Frazer is incredibly hard-working, always willing to contribute to classroom discussions and collaborate with his classmates. The standard of work he has produced throughout the two year has been consistently excellent and he will be a real asset to his University come September.

A2 Fine Art - Sophie Ward - Sophie seems to live in a parallel universe, where she has twice as much time as everyone else. She works incredibly hard in Fine Art, consistently for 2 years, with a creative fervour, developing ideas intelligently, skilfully, to the highest standards. Sophie writes with great maturity, and they write a lot!

A2 Graphic Communication - Noah Maledy - Noah has shown creative flair since the beginning of the course, but this year has really owned the Graphics projects to produced ambitious, innovative, and well designed outcomes that show his learning from other designers and his individual style.

A2 Photography - Jason Hedges - Jason has progressed extensively with his work on the photography course this year. He has independently sought out unique photography locations, for his personal project and has maintained a determined focus throughout the course.

A2 Textile Design - Jessica Main - Jessica is a relentless explorer of materials and techniques, although most of her work has been based on nature, she has been inventive in representing her observations in countless ways. Jessica seems unsure about decision making but always makes good choice.

A2 Media Studies - Noah Maynard - Noah stands out as a student who not only has excellent technical skills but has shown an excellent ability to work independently and as part of a team. His written work is exemplary. He has worked extremely hard and maintained total commitment to the course both in and outside the classroom. Noah is always willing to help others and be involved, thank you for your enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism.

A2 Film studies – Isobel Holmes - Isobel is so dedicated to her studies with passion. She is so engaged with her work that she taught the class when the teacher was away for a day! She took charge of organising the displays in the classroom, completed her excellent film coursework over the summer break and had consistently worked 100% on all of the film study topics. Despite her busy schedule, she has always been able to find time to help other students and have participated in every enrichment opportunity going. A most talented, dedicated and hardworking film student and filmmaker.

EPQ - Sian Taylor - Sian has produced an outstanding artefact for her extended project. Proving herself a hard working and talented scriptwriter-director in their first year of study, progressing to writing and producing a short film that will be screened in the New York Independent Film Festival next year. Dear Sian: A cracking start- please keep making films.

Hard work and effort - Julia San Diego - Julia is such a productive and dedicated student- her sketchbook doesn’t close properly because there is so much work in it! She is always working, always thinking, developing ideas, practicing techniques, refining their ideas. A most high achieving and hard working student.

Fearless experimentation - Molly Tilley - Molly is a very hardworking, relentless and ambitious student, across both Fine Art and Photography courses. She will take creative risks, in terms of exploring and selecting a broad range of materials, techniques and processes in her work. Molly is sure to succeed, with her future career intentions within the creative industries.

Distance travelled - Isobel Arnott - Isobel is a creative force who has had episodes of illness that took her away from her art studies in the first year. But she has returned as a second year with a strength and a resilience that meant she has succeeded to gain a good grade in Fine Art. She has always demonstrated the highest possible standards for her own artwork. Isobel has come a long way in 2 years.

Working with others - Ethan Thomas - Ethan has been central to the success of Film Club, contributing excellent insights, asking interesting questions, respecting opinions and perspectives and offering interesting choices for screenings. His total engagement with his peers, some of whom study outside of the Visual Arts Dept, has enriched his study of film and media and thus his contributions to all taught sessions and subjects.

Special Award - Olivia Tomlinson - Olivia is a quietly assured and creatively confident multi-arts student. She excels with the standard of work across Photography, Film Studies and Fine Art courses. She is unassuming but make no mistake, she should not be underestimated. Olivia is incredibly talented, selective in her approach and maturely absorbs advice and feedback. She has a bright future within the creative industries. She has been a fantastic ambassador for our college and has been a pleasure to teach. Hot off the press Olivia’s animation has been selected for the first Young Artists Summer Show at the Royal Academy. She is one of 139 students from over 6200 to be selected. The show runs from 13th July to 4th August… so congratulations.


Catriona Muir- Printmaking

Vanessa Reynolds-Painting

Debbie Reynolds- Printmaking

Jason Lee-Photography

James Hegginbottom- Collage Artist

Nicola Bainbridge-Painting

Lara Clarke- Mixed Media

Mandy Cumbridge- Printmaking

Harriet Broom- Photography

Courtney Guy- Textile Print Design

Kate Bullock Muir- Painting

Georgia Flowers-Printmaking

Hannah Forward- Printmaking

Sarah Jones- Printmaking

Ian Muir-Photography

Penny Turner-Textiles

Alastair Muir- Photography

Here's a look at the different exhibits:

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