Alumni Danielle's road to the Royal Veterinary College

We love hearing about what our students do once they leave Worthing College, and they all have different paths and journeys! After putting her passion, dedication and determination into everything she did at Worthing College, alumni Danielle Taylor Golds went on to study Veterinary Medicine at Royal Veterinary College. Here is what she had to say about how Worthing College helped her follow her dreams.

“My time at Worthing College was such an incredible experience, allowing me to find my self-confidence and explore the different opportunities made available to me. In order to apply for veterinary medicine at university, I completed my A levels in Maths, Biology and Chemistry with additional AS qualifications in English Literature and Cambridge Pre U: Global Perspectives, the latter being completed in my first year. This allowed me to apply for veterinary medicine at 4 different universities, for which I received 4 offers.

Without attending this college, I wouldn’t have had access to the unique 'early applicants scheme' offered to students who are submitting a competitive application for university. Not only is applying for university a daunting process, but the competitive nature of early applications can also be very stressful therefore this scheme was perfect at removing this stress and reminding us all how exciting the process can be! My application consisted of a distinct interviewing process consisting of multiple mini interviews (MMIs) - which made preparations very challenging! Through the practice of mock MMIs with Niels Archer and Erin Willis, I was able to get a feel for the process and learn how to answer interview questions effectively. I still remember to this day the questions they asked me and the advice they gave, I will forever be thankful for their help.

Alongside all of my studies and required work experience, I was a proud member of the college's Student Union, representing students through the role of Education Officer. This included many benefits and allowed me to liaise with staff and college governors, highlighting how much of an impact student voice has on the college. The role additionally allowed me to mature and develop my communication skills, eventually aiding me in my university interviews.

I utilised the amazing work experience opportunities the college offered through 'The Work Store', eventually going on to complete over 829 hours and receiving a platinum award. Not only did the work store help me to find and contact my placements, but gave me the motivation to keep persevering even when balancing my commitments proved to be difficult. Without the amazing help of Julia Flynn, I would not be where I am now!

I am currently a second-year veterinary medicine student at the Royal Veterinary College, which ranks as the world's number one veterinary school in the QS world rankings. I would not have a place and feel integral to this university if it were not for my fantastic experience at Worthing College. The facilities and staff created a wonderful atmosphere, allowing everyone to excel in their chosen subjects. I would love to visit the college again and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fulfilling experience no matter their ambitions in life.”

Thank you to Danielle for sharing her great story, good luck with the rest of your studies! If you want to follow in Danielle’s footsteps, you can find our full list of course options HERE.

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