Academy of Arts Awards - Celebrating Student Success in our Summer Exhibition!

On Thursday 14th June our Visual Arts and Media team held the Academy of Arts Awards alongside the private view of their summer exhibition which is part of the Worthing Artists Open Houses.

The evening was a huge success and we would like to congratulate all the winners and students involved. Students from Fine Art, Design, Textiles, Photography, Media and Film have received many compliments about the diverse and creative range of works displayed, which is a credit to their hard work. Interested in studying Visual Arts and Media? Discover our academy here.

See the list below for the Visual Arts and Media Awards and Winners.

L2 BTEC Art and Design - Natasiha Holmes

A1 Fine Art - Olivia Tomlinson

A1 Graphic Communication - Noah Malady

A student with a strong sense for design who has discovered this year that if he works hard he can produce impressive Graphic Communication works, high hopes for next year.

A1 Photography - Mollie Tilley

A1 Textile Design - Jessica Main

A modest student who underestimates her strengths and has produced the most beautiful exploratory sketchbooks

A1 Media Studies - Lily Hunt

A1 Film Studies - Isobel Holmes

Cam tech Digital Media - Sian Taylor

A2 Fine Art - Lorenzo Puno

A2 Graphic Communication - Erin Harrison

Huge progress made this year producing impressive, personalised pieces graphic communication with an individual and recognisable style

A2 Photography - Tara Chellingworth

A2 Textile Design - Lucy Clark

A student who has explored personal and adventurous ideas in her textile work to produce impressive, creative, and inventive sculptural outcomes

A2 Media Studies - Jack Roberts

A2 Film studies - William Browne

BTEC CMP - Fariraische Chiketa

EPQ - Tereza Vachelova

A student who has been impressive in all courses studied with us, produced an interesting extended project that was faultless

Hard work and effort - Tom Parke

This student challenged himself this year to work outside his comfort zone, succeeded through determination and hard work in producing really inventive Graphics projects

Fearless experimentation - Tallulah Buckley

Distance travelled - Eva Pavin Franks

Working with others - Esme Allen

We would also like to thank all those involved in setting up the event and particular thanks to Richard Bradford and Disquiet Dog for sponsoring the Academy of Art Awards.

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