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Check out this video explaining the true cost of fashion by The Economist. A great clip that talks about further down the supply chain.

Worthing Student Action

Swap plastic water bottles for a reusable option. Did you know that roughly 2,480,000 tons of plastic bottles and other containers are thrown away (and not recycled) every year? Plastic water bottles make up a significant portion of this waste. They are one of the main sources of pollution and pose a serious threat to our environment

It’s still not commonly known that coffee cups cannot be recycled. Because of the wax coating, your coffee cup cannot be recycled despite being made of paper.  Many trendy shops have also started to use a black plastic for their lids that is not recyclable. Some coffee shops even give you a small discount if you bring your own cup! 

Use bar soap in the shower, and to wash your hands instead of pump or liquid soaps and body washes. It is a common misconception that refillable liquid soap dispensers are more sanitary. These dispensers can easily become wrought with  bacteria AND a plastic container that isn’t easily recycled.

Emissions in New York have reduced by 50% since the Covid-19 lockdown. Why not measure your carbon footprint by visiting the WWF carbon footprint calculator and make a plan to reduce it. A good start is completely turning off your electric appliances at night! 

Recycle your plastic. There are lots of ways to recycle plastic, but why not get creative and recycle an old plastic bottle to make a bird feeder for your garden. Follow the link to RSPB - make a recycled bird feeder.

Upcycling. To finish our focus on the environment have you got any photos of any upcycling projects you've been working on? Send us photos of your upcycling creations. 


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