Getting Ready To Start College

We recognise that many of you will have time on your hands as your Year 11 syllabuses are completed and you are keen to prepare for college. As such, we set out below some things we recommend to help prepare you for joining us at the start of the next academic year.


Here are some of the textbooks required for your courses at college. Have a look at the ones recommended for your subjects by teachers to support your study.

Writing Competition

We’d like to hear from you about your experiences of the lockdown, whether you’ve been in self-isolation, are working or studying from home or are one of the front-line workers that we are all relying on to see us through these challenging times. Click here for more information on the competition.

Academy of Sport

Our sports teachers have put together a fantastic mix of resources for you to have a look at over the next few months. A great mix of podcasts, books and programmes/films to watch.

English Reading List

Our english teachers have put together a fantastic mix of reading resources for you to have a look at over the next few months. Click here to have a look.

Psychology Reading List

Our psychology teachers have put together a fantastic mix of reading resources for you to have a look at over the next few months. There are plenty of books listed, and there is no expectation to read them all. Click here to have a look.

Reflect on your Knowledge

Reinforce your GCSE learning, especially in those GCSEs which are most relevant to the subjects you wish to study at college. For subject based learning and revision opportunities, look at the link here: 


Research the content of the syllabuses for your chosen college courses by exploring the exam board specifications. Exam boards for our courses are signposted in ‘Getting Ready for’ packs for all the subjects we offer. Go further by exploring free online learning platforms to extend your studies and discover areas of interest for you. Try these for starters: 

Maths and English

Take the time to master your Maths and English. Lots of activities are available online in sites such as the following:

Career Progression

Here are some informative posters based on subject area set to help you think about career progression.

Mental Wellbeing

Look after your mental health and physical wellbeing in what for many is a stressful and anxious time. Check out:

Broadening your Horizons

We've put together some great resources for you to check out, whether you want to improve your study skills, keep yourself informed on global issues or prepare for your course and coming to college in September.


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