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Level 3

Applied Science CamTech Level 3 Cert/ Ext Cert (single)


This practical, work-related course allows you to study aspects of biology, chemistry and physics to an advanced level.

  • Biology covers aspects such human body systems, microbiology, genetics and cell biology.
  • Chemistry includes topics such as atomic structure, practical chemical analysis and laboratory techniques.
  • Physics covers energy and the structure, properties and uses of materials.

You will be assessed via a blend of coursework units and external exams.

In Year 1 you will complete the Level 3 Certificate in Applied Science (equivalent to one AS level). You will study two units that are assessed by exams at the end of the year.

  • Unit 1 -; Science Fundamentals
  • Unit 2 -; Laboratory Techniques

In Year 2 you will progress to the Extended Certificate in Applied Science (equivalent to one A Level). You will complete three coursework units:

  • Unit 6 -; Control of Hazards in the Laboratory
  • Unit 18 -; Microbiology
  • Unit 10 -; Product Testing Techniques

Lessons are part-theory and part-practical based. You will carry out many experiments, some of which you will design yourself, and learn how to analyse and evaluate your results. There will be lessons where you undertake independent and group research, discuss scientific issues, research information online, revise topics and practice exam techniques. You will develop strong independent study skills throughout your time studying Applied Science. Support sessions will be available to all students throughout the year.


You need a minimum of five GCSEs at 9-4, including double 4 in Science, 4 in Mathematics and 4 in English Language. You need a good knowledge of GCSE science as well as good numeracy, English and communication skills. This should be combined with a real interest in science!


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