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Communication to students, parents and carers

September 2020 college provision


Dear Parents, Carers and students,


CCG Central Guidance for delivery - September 2020 

We are working hard to plan for the new academic year starting in September 2020. The government guidance is changing rapidly so we are planning for a number of potential scenarios.

The assumption is that some element of social distancing might well still be in place in September 2020, constraining classroom-based delivery for the whole of the next academic year.  This is subject to change.

Remote and blended learning will be an important aspect of our CCG curriculum delivery. Our aim will be to ensure that students are not adversely affected by these restriction and all, wherever possible, have access to the learning and qualifications of their choice. 

We will continue to keep to our mission of changing lives through learning; just in a different way.

The overriding principle is that provision will need to be tailor-made to meet an individual or individual course requirements.


CCG have created a framework of expectations for teams to plan within but will allow the flexibility for planning by those closest to the learner and therefore understanding their needs. The key priority for getting ready for September is to plan for the various scenarios that may become a reality.

Scenario 1 – colleges are fully open as usual and all learners revert to normal contact and timetable.

Scenario 2 – colleges have restricted opening with social distancing measures.

Scenario 3 – colleges are fully shut due to a second wave of infections and all learning switched/continue to be online (either CCG decision or Government decision).

The college will be in touch with you (or may have been already) to inform you about what your college experience will look like in September 2020.

CCG has developed a number of principles for College Managers to help with the planning of the delivery of curriculum in each scenario/option. 

Guiding principles for September 2020

Every student, on the same course, should get the same experience as any other student in a given week.

Other decisions

  • There will be no work experience in the first term unless it is a requirement of the qualification.

  • There will be no off-site visits or trips in the first term (subject to changes in Government guidance) unless a requirement of the qualification. This will be reviewed at half term. 

  • Building Lifts – only two people per lift

  • Toilets – we must maintain social distancing and hygiene when using the toilets.

  • One way systems (where possible) will be in place for the first half term (and then to be reviewed)


Mental health

The mental health of staff and students is a key concern the longer the restrictions go on. CCG will identify key resources and staff to support the process of making sure we meet the commitments in our mental health and wellbeing strategy, whilst recognising changes to the extent of remote working and learning being undertaken.


Next steps and communication to you

All students will be contacted individually to inform them of their start dates, enrolment information and further updates on how their courses will be delivered in September 2020 (depending upon which scenario we are in).

We recognise that some parents, carers and students might be worried about “catching up” on work they have missed during lockdown, either at school or at college. CCG has been/will be sending out work to many students to help them prepare for September, including reading lists and watch lists. 

Please be reassured that every students individual starting point will be considered to ensure that their teachers can provide tailor-made programmes to meet their needs. Our teams will work hard to ensure all students are given the opportunities to achieve their very best.

Thank you for all your efforts and resilience in working in such difficult times.

The CCG Leadership Team. 


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