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Worthing College Student Intranet

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Welcome to the Worthing College Student Intranet.

Here you can access subject documents and your college email.


Accessing the College Student Intranet

Access to this site requires a College student network login. Enter your College network username preceded by college\ e.g.


For a student

  • username: college\john.smith
  • password: use your College network password


For a Parent/Carer

  • username: college\johnsmith
  • password: use your supplied password

Click here to access the Student Intranet


Accessing Email


We have moved to a new email system over the summer.

On the new system you now enter your Email Address such as ( and your current college Password instead of your username and password.

This is the first stage of a larger ongoing project which we will be providing more news about throughout the year but for now please enjoy the new email, OneDrive file storage and browser versions of the Microsoft Office Applications.


Click here to access your Student Email


For any enquiries, please email: Student Intranet Help


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